The government is on the defensive as restrictions have been lifted

Yes, we made the right decision.Olivier Veran told Franceinfo on Wednesday, two days after lifting almost all measures to combat the coronavirus. This convenience stems from two main measures: the end of the vaccination card, which requires you to be vaccinated to enter many places such as restaurants and cinemas, and the end of the obligation to wear a mask, except in transportation.

In lifting these restrictions, the French government is following the lead of several European countries. It is also subject to widespread political consensus in the run-up to the elections as Emmanuel Macron seeks a new mandate: none of his opponents objected to these exemptions on merit.

“There is a general relaxation movement in France, which must not be hidden, in Europe and in the rest of the world.”

But the calendar does not fit well with the reality of the epidemic. This has resumed since the beginning of March, with a rebound in the number of cases, which researchers explain in particular through less precautions on the part of the French. “There is a general relaxation movement in France, which must not be hidden, in Europe and in the rest of the world”Olivier Veran admitted.

“And too bad for those who will die”

However, for the minister, this does not justify maintaining the restrictions. Based on forecasts from the Pasteur Institute, it is estimated that the current recovery should not continue beyond the end of March and will not burden hospitals.

“And far worse for those who will die,” On Twitter, epidemiologist Dominic Costaliola responded. Like many of her colleagues, she is particularly concerned about the fate of immunocompromised people, who have few or ineffective vaccines and are therefore more likely to contract dangerous forms.

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The government, of course, has the considered support of the Scientific Council, the body that advises it in managing the pandemic. He considers, in an opinion published on Tuesday, that it is time to move to a policy centered around Individual Responsibility. The Council decides that the epidemic “Keep in control”. However, he warns that the matter is not over yet and warns of a Underestimating the epidemic in society.

But the government’s decision is not only criticized on the merits. The health authorities are also accused, in terms of form, of having acted hastily by giving vague instructions on the implementation of these exemptions. One ” floating […] king for a few weeks, He estimated Wednesday in a statement the Syndicate of Liberal Doctors (SML), a minority but representative organization within the profession.

A text crystallizing the criticism: “Urgent”, published on Tuesday by the Ministry’s General Directorate of Health. This type of document, intended for caregivers, is used to give them specific details of decisions made by the authorities. However, these instructions seem vague regarding the wearing of masks in health institutions, such as hospitals. While it should remain mandatory, the DGS thinks it should be “required” But he returns the responsibility to the director of the enterprise.


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