“The dead will not go to football”: Herta manager fails because of bread and Kennedy

“The dead will not go to football”
Herta manager fails due to bread and Kennedy

By Nina Jersey

Wholemeal Bread Instead of a Full Job: Herta BSc’s Manager “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” In trouble initially. A famous assassin finishes him off. Things did not go well for the “Spiegel” journalist who was afraid of bananas. Jazz discovered: Well, general.

Gerrit Christopher Freund came up with the stabilization for Gunder Zach. “I try to make the Herta BSc brand well known and attractive,” he explained of his “Masters Brand Manager” job. “Who wants to be a millionaire?” The reviewer almost regretted: “Attractive – it was all easy, wasn’t it?” “It’s volatile right now,” the 27-year-old admitted. Unfortunately, the same was true of his performance. Even at 4000 euros, the candidate threatened to fail due to full employment. “Hertha is like a BSc” is Jachin’s mixed result.

Freund should know what 98 percent of people are already talking about: whole wheat bread, whole wheat, whole work or general anesthesia. “This is a tricky question,” Hertha Mann guessed and made the unpredictable conclusion: “I think whole grain bread is my guess.” Jazz fixed the confusion of full employment with full time work. But that did not improve the outcome. “In that case, I’m going to thank you and go for the whole wheat bread, ah,” Freund confirmed.

Jazz, who followed Mark Hertha’s home game as a student in the upper ring of the Berlin Olympic Stadium, gave the guest one last chance: “Wholemeal bread anyway?” Freund took the tag from the postpost 50:50 after the Joker entered the full job. “As a business scientist, you should know,” Berliner admitted.

This is how Hertha cheated

Then he shone with a glorious event from the early days of the Bundesliga. Protagonist: A funeral director. “Herta had to sell more tickets to get a license – I think that’s the story,” the candidate said. The sponsor had the idea: “Come on, we’ll throw the tickets in two coffins and then no one will know they’re actually sold out.”

In the case of ntv.de columnist Ben Retellings, the story makes a little more sense. According to him, there was someone who worked as Hertha’s treasurer at the time. He stored 55,000 tickets in a coffin, which were illegally sold to get the club out of financial trouble. Herta was banned from the Bundesliga in the mid-1960s due to financial maneuvers.

One way or another, Jazz was interested in the coffin story: “Because the dead don’t go to football. Herta BSC really has a dazzling history.” However, on Monday evening “Who Wants to Become a Millionaire?” Enriched. The brand manager repeatedly revealed gaps in knowledge, most recently when the killers of famous men arrived. John F. Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged killer of Kennedy, shot himself shortly after the crime, so Freund did not know that he had gone home with 16,000 euros. “A tough draw. But at least we hit the outside of the house,” Jaz commented.

Things did not go well for Spiegel’s investigative journalist. Christoph Winterbach tried strategically with a defensive variant. In his case, it was not worth it. Hamburger drove the 64,000 euro question at full risk. Although he is not sure, he was elected MP in 1982, the year of Nicole’s Eurovision victory. Winterbach speculated that the Wolfgang Schuble (CDU) first went to the German Bundestock. After the Summer Olympics in Munich, the senior president was able to do this ten years ago.

The candidate, a self-confessed banana phobic (“If someone next to me eats a banana, I think I should wash my hands”) fell to 16,000 euros. With this decision, Jazz also attested to a certain proximity to the boss: “It could have been nice. It’s in the mirror ‘: it was something interesting, but did you buy it … last week was very exciting.”

No, not nephromaniac

Olaf Beck, on the other hand, went home wholeheartedly. The hotel owner came back from Hamburg with a question of 32,000 euros and escaped in two rounds. The 55-year-old wanted to leave when he was asked a question for 125,000 euros, despite the idea that his telephone joker had pneumonia similar to male psoriasis.


(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

“I dare not,” Jaz encouraged him. “Neither do I. I’m really an idiot, not a gambler,” the candidate admitted. At the beginning of the show, he described his mood as “a mixture of gratitude, humility and enthusiasm and I could not believe I did it”. “You can add a new chapter to your event-rich life,” congratulated the Jazz candidate who had already had breakfast with Kylie Minak.

The last candidate of the evening has few good memories of his celebrity encounter. Tina Crohney, who completed the Hamburg try of this WWM version, once discovered supermodel Naomi Campbell’s Motorola clamshell phone at a luxury restaurant in Beverly Hills, where she had previously sat at the table. After Britain, Crohn quickly picked up the phone. They only half-heartedly planned to shake hands. Krahney said he would return next week with a ,000 16,000 question. “She’s a bitch, I’m heard it many times,” Jaz admitted.


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