The cruise ship with thousands of passengers stranded

The cruise ship with thousands of passengers stranded

The “Norway Escape” landed in the Dominican Republic with about 3000 passengers and more than 1600 crew. The ship was stranded while trying to leave the port of Porto Plata on Monday during a seven-day Caribbean cruise. This has been reported by the newspaper among othersCaribbean“.

Chief of Naval Staff Ramon Botanes Hernandez said the ship was stranded due to “strong winds” blowing off the north coast of the Caribbean. There is no danger to tourists or staff. “There were no reports of injuries or damage to the cruise ship,” the port administration said in a statement.

At first the crew tried for several hours to free the ship but failed. According to Hernandez, there was hope that the next high tide could “free the ship from its current state”.

Norwegian Escape is free again

This apparently worked, as many travelers posted photos and videos on Twitter on Tuesday night. It shows how the “Norwegian Escape” leaves the beach. “We fought outside at 12:45am,” traveler Robbie O’Malley wrote in his tweet.

The “Norwegian Escape” is about 326 meters long and weighs 165,000 tons. It can accommodate approximately 4200 passengers and 1700 crew. The luxury liner was built at the Mayor shipyard in Poppenberg and was shipped to the North Sea in September 2015 via EMS. The seven-day Caribbean cruise sails from Florida to Port DuPont Plato, north of the Dominican Republic, and to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.


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