The city of millions has been evacuated due to the impending volcanic eruption

The hot red nugget rushed out of town. Goma now fears another volcano erupting and people are forced to leave their homes.

Authorities in the Democratic Party are concerned about an imminent eruption of Nyiragongo volcano. Republic of the Congo Partial evacuation order for the huge city of Goma. The military governor of North Kivu announced Thursday evening the evacuation of ten regions on the official TV channel RTNC. Lieutenant General Konjpa Constant justified this with scientific data indicating a new eruption of the volcano. There is also a risk that the hot lava at the bottom of Lake Kivu could release toxic gases. Authorities will organize transportation for residents, and they only have to take bare essentials.

You can see pictures of the first outbreak on Saturday Here Or in the video above.

After the volcano erupted on Saturday, residents left their homes in panic and some fled across the border into neighboring Rwanda. Part of the lava had rolled towards Goma, but then stopped 300 meters from the border city airport. So far, 40 people are still missing, according to the United Nations Humanitarian Aid Coordination Agency (OCHA). About 20,000 people became homeless.

The agency had indicated the occurrence of earthquakes and clouds of ash the previous evening. The closure of airports in the affected border town of Goma and the neighboring city of Bukavu has made humanitarian assistance even more difficult. The lava destroyed three villages and a suburb of Goma. The volcano is located in Virunga National Park, about 20 kilometers north of the city – near the border with Rwanda. Mount Nyiragongo last erupted in 2002. At that time, lava destroyed large parts of Goma. About 250 people have been killed and 120,000 displaced.

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