The arena at Waltstadion?  Frankfurt clubs are skeptical

Most of the top clubs in Frankfurt responded with great skepticism when they suggested another location for the planned multifunctional hall in the main metropolis. Fraport Skyliners’ basketball players are not the only ones who have categorically rejected the plan brought by Mike Joseph (SPD), head of sports and planning at Waltstadion.

Kaiserlei-Kreisel is still preferred as the best location for the new building, executive partner Gunnar Wobke said Friday. “But we’re ready for any sensible idea in Frankfurt. We need a hall that can come quickly, in which we can get a fair rental agreement that balances interests.”

So far, land has been proposed for a diversified hall at Kaiserley-Greece and Frankfurt airports. On Wednesday, Joseph also presented a feasibility study for an area in Waltstadion. Both Löwen Frankfurt from the German Ice Hockey League 2 and the Bundesliga volleyball team from the United Volleys reject it.

One was surprised by the progress of the SPD politician, who on Friday assured Löwen managing director Stefan Krämer “Hessischer Rundfunk”: “There can be no doubt that Löwen was in a different arena than playing ‘The Dome’.”

He agrees with Wallis partner Alexander Korosek. “It is a mystery to me why you want to rediscover the wheel. As a contract partner, we continue to pursue the ‘The Dome’ project and maintain good and professional cooperation with the Frankfurt Lions,” Korozek told HR.

Kaiserley Roundabout will have the greatest charm for skyliners. As key users, they are willing to invest if it makes business sense. Wöbke agreed that this would be unimaginable anywhere else economically active in Frankfurt. “Skyliners need an economic base strengthened by extra income to succeed nationally and internationally in the long run,” the 55-year-old said. “Fast, fair, driven by us – these are the three parameters that count for us.”


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