Surprise – Manager Max Eberl plans to resign

Surprise – Manager Max Eberl plans to resign

Max Eberl led Borussia Mönchengladbach to the Champions League from the outfield. The manager is the face of success with the cubs. Now 48, he faces his decision at Gladbach.

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According to media reports, Max Eberl plans to resign from Borussia Mönchengladbach. According to Sky and “Built” reports, among other things, the sports director wants to leave the cubs in the summer. According to “Sport1” a departure is also possible this winter after the transfer period. On Thursday he also reportedly called the team’s management team. Maybe he can announce his departure. No confirmation yet from the club.

Eberl is an example on Gladbach. He has been from Borussia since 1999. First as a player, then as a youth coordinator, and 2008 as a sports director. His contract is actually valid until 2026. According to Sky, he now has to plan a break before he can intervene elsewhere. Last year Eberl went on a winter vacation to recharge his batteries. The club bosses want to allow the contract to rest, to create fees in the event of a change.

Finally the turning point came

Eberl captured Gladbach in 2008, moving between the Bundesliga relegation zone and the 2nd Bundesliga promotion zone. The 48-year-old said he brought peace and stability to the club. He also reached the Champions League several times.

Recently, however, the highly acclaimed Eberl came under criticism. Because under high-paid coach Audi Hutter, Borussia slipped to the bottom half of the table, placing 12th with 22 points after 20 matches, despite having a stronger team and less pressure than playing in Europe. In days.

In addition, there were discussions about the free transfers of Matthias Zinder and Denise Zacharia. Eberl had recently been unwell, so he did not take a public post and kept Hütter in office. He will release the report soon.


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