Surgeons Utilizing the Apple Vision Pro in Surgical Procedures

The use of virtual reality technology in the medical field is rapidly expanding, with a recent example being the utilization of the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro during two spinal surgeries at Cromwell Hospital in London. The device, which consists of VR goggles worn by a scrub nurse during preparations and procedures, has been hailed as a “game-changing” tool by doctors involved in the surgeries.

The Vision Pro was used to display virtual screens in the operating room, allowing the medical team to select tools and monitor the progress of the surgeries. The software used for the device was developed by eXeX, a company known for building AI-driven apps for surgeons.

Stryker, a company specializing in medical technology, has also developed the “myMako” app for the Vision Pro, which assists doctors with surgical plans for hip and knee replacements. Additionally, various other companies and developers are harnessing the power of the Vision Pro for medical training and education purposes through apps like Fundamental Surgery and CollaboratOR 3D.

Apple, the technology giant behind the Vision Pro, is positioning the device as an enterprise tool for professionals across different fields, including health care. The company has been ramping up its focus on health care initiatives, with products like the Apple Watch’s heart-tracking abilities and the iPhone’s sleep features gaining popularity in recent years.

Overall, the integration of virtual reality technology into the medical field is paving the way for innovative advancements in surgical procedures and medical training, with the Apple Vision Pro at the forefront of this revolution.

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