Surgeons fear a wave of “catastrophic” deprogramming in January 2022

It is a “cry of alarm for patient care” launched by Philip Cook, co-chair of the Avenir Spy-le-Block Syndicate.

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With the fifth wave of Covid-19 and the reactivation of white plans, the main union of liberal surgeons fears large-scale deprogramming of operations and asks “The administration does not make these decisions alone.”. that it ‘A cry of alarm for patient care’ It was launched by Philip Cook, co-chair of the Avenir Spy Le Block, as pandemic pressure continues to mount in hospitals.

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Recovering from the epidemic and white plans that have a direct result in surgery: “The deprogramming started again last week, and its impact will not be clear by the end of the year because activity will decrease during the holidays, but the situation could be catastrophic in January.”, Warning Philip Cook.

Especially since then“There is a shortage of personnel in all the French blocs” Due to resignations, sick leave, or caregivers “Went to vaccination centers”, he adds.

In this context, orders from some regional health agencies (ARS) that set specific targets for deprogramming, such as in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes or in Pays de la Loire, are not well received by practitioners. “We have the impression that we are starting over with the same anomalies that were present during the first wave.” Spring 2020 sees Dr. Qawq who calls for the opposite “Be smart and adapt to the regions”, Beside Maintaining outpatient and examination activities, especially for cancers.

“Management may not take these decisions alone.”insist, plead “Regional Units to Manage White Schemes” Connecting the ARS, hospital associations, and representatives of liberal physicians, instead of ‘No dialogue’ current.

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