Study claims: Good sleep increases life expectancy
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Good sleep is important to our health. In a study, researchers at Harvard University identified sleep factors for good sleep quality.

BERLIN – Good sleep is important for health. In Germany alone, many people suffer from sleep disorders. Lack of sleep not only has a negative impact on the current daily pattern, but it can also reduce life expectancy. Harvard researchers have it in one Long term study I discovered that a certain quality of sleep can add years to the lives of both women and men.

But what actually constitutes good sleep quality? Researchers from the United States were able to pinpoint this. Therefore, the following five factors are important for a good sleep quality:

  • The ideal sleep duration: seven to eight hours a night
  • Difficulty sleeping: less than twice a week
  • Insomnia: twice a week at most
  • No sleeping pills
  • Wake up feeling rested at least five days a week

Study from the USA: People who sleep well live longer

In the study, researchers from Harvard University analyzed the data of 172,321 people. The average age of the participants was 50, and 54 percent of the participants were female. The listed individuals participated in the US National Health Interview Survey between 2013 and 2018. The survey is conducted annually by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to assess the health of the population.

The study found that young adults with better sleep habits were less likely to die early. Additionally, data shows that about 8% of all-cause deaths can be attributed to poor sleep patterns. According to the results of the study, the study participants who met the five factors mentioned above for having good sleep quality and therefore sleeping well had a significantly higher life expectancy.

slim The average life expectancy is 2.4 years
men The average life expectancy is 4.7 years
Cowell: American College of Cardiology (ACC)

Good sleep increases life expectancy: it’s not just the duration of sleep that matters

More research is needed to find out why men with the five low-risk sleep factors lived twice as long as women with the same quality of sleep. The researchers were also able to see a relationship of good sleep quality with regard to diseases. People who sleep well have a 21% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

A woman stretches out of bed after getting up.
Good sleep is important to health. A study shows that good quality sleep can increase life span. (icon image) © Imago

“I think these results confirm that simply getting enough hours of sleep is not enough. You really need restful sleep and not have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep,” said Frank Qian, one of the study’s authors. All these optimal sleep patterns, they are more likely to live longer.” (Hg)


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