FEMA seeks program specialist in Chicago

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is looking for a program specialist in Chicago, according to recent a job posting.

The program specialist will provide leadership in providing care and implementing programs at the site of an incident or incident-threatened venue. The person hired will coordinate with local officials to provide federal assistance and inter-jurisdictional support.

The specialist will be a member of the Incident Management Assistance Team to assist in the development and execution of plans in accordance with FEMA's mission and programs. His or her tasks may include creating response readiness plans in partnership with regions, states and local governments, collaborating with regional leaders to integrate continuity and compliance with operational strategies and recommend training programs and education curriculum for team member development.

The person hired will serve as the operations section chief at an incident site and be responsible for managing and overseeing operational activities.

Qualified applicants will have experience in developing and implementing plans according to FEMA's mission, plans and programs. Other experience could include involvement in outreach focused on planning and coordination with region, state and local governments and federal agencies.

Applicants will be tested for knowledge and skill in evaluating and analyzing information, skill in written communication, knowledge of emergency management laws and leadership ability.

The job is a contract position for up to 13 months, and may require non-emergency travel.