Still living with Pietro Lombardi: Princess Bucher shows her destroyed house for the first time

Princess Boucher shows her home for the first time after the flood disaster

© picture alliance / dpa | Ole Spata / screenshot / Instagram / amirapocher

Amira and Oliver Buchen have lived in the home of Pietro Lombardi since the flood disaster that also destroyed their home. On Instagram, the TV star has now shown the range for the first time.

Cologne – Oliver Bucher (43 years old) and his wife Amira (27 years old) have long been unable to make statements about the flood disaster. Because the TV couple fell victim to disaster and suddenly found themselves on the street with their children. But friend Pietro Lombardi did not hesitate and left the friendly couple his dream home with an elevator and 1000 square meters of garden. So the DSDS star has been living in a hotel room for months.

After the flood disaster, the Buchers found shelter with Pietro Lombardi.

© Tobias Haas / D

Since then, Princess Boucher has faced the same question over and over again on Instagram: When can the Pochers go home and how big is the damage anyway? A question that Amira slowly but surely no longer hears, which is why she has now commented in public, during which she has posted pictures of her destroyed home for the first time. from IPPEN.MEDIA Reports.

Oliver and Princess Bucher don’t know when they can go home

“We had several reasons not to talk out loud about it, but maybe it was the fact that we didn’t want ‘Moaning’ to be the biggest…because people were killed in the flood and many of them don’t have the financial means to get everything back,” the comedian’s wife explained after he became Apparently, the friendly couple for whom Pietro has cleared his house are Oliver and Princess Bucher.

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However, it was a huge disaster for two months and even two months later, their house appears to be uninhabitable, as she now explains in an Instagram Q&A session. Because the couple on TV still doesn’t know when they can go home.

Princess Boucher shows the extent of the disaster

screenshot / Instagram / amirapocher

When asked by a fan if there was a lot that went wrong, Amira replied: “A lot.” Then the run image appears. It becomes clear that your comfortable home is currently like a shell – there are no open floors and walls. But it seems that work is in full swing. Hopefully the family will be able to live in its four walls again next year.


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