Ebola appears to dissipate in Nigeria and Senegal

Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014 @ 11:08pm by BioPrepWatch Reports

With a rapid response operation the Ebola outbreak seems to be dissipating in Nigeria and Senegal according to a report released by the Center for Disease and Control on Tuesday.
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CDC Director Frieden: Treatment delays could lead to 1.4 million ebola cases by January

Wednesday, Sep 24, 2014 @ 12:38pm by BioPrepWatch Reports

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Tuesday that 1.4 million people in Liberia and Sierra Leone could potentially be infected with the Ebola virus by the end of January, but then tempered that estimate by saying increased global awareness and medical care could stem the spread of the virus.
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White House responds to threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Friday, Sep 19, 2014 @ 12:55pm by BioPrepWatch Reports

Following a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report last year on the top drug-resistant threats to human health, President Barack Obama signed an executive order creating a task force to develop a national strategy to combat antibiotic-resistance bacteria on Thursday.
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CDC releases fact sheet for 2014 Ebola outbreak

Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 @ 3:51pm by BioPrepWatch Reports

Citing the 2014 Ebola outbreak as the largest in history, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a fact sheet on the disease outlining how the organization is responding to the crisis.
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