“Stacy’s Comedy Leander Houseman” – Stasi, Jokes Club – Cinema

“Stacy’s Comedy Leander Houseman” – Stasi, Jokes Club – Cinema

His movie “Sonnenallee” became a cult movie. I called him “NVA” to laugh at the time of the army of the German Democratic Republic. Leander Haussmann (62) completes his trilogy with “Stasikomödie”. With wits, heart and a crew to die for.

Story: Ludger Fuchs (Jörg Schüttauf, 60) is excited. The author became famous and popular as one of the few critical voices of the East German regime. Today he can finally take a look at his Stasi profile. But it doesn’t just reveal a past love affair. At a young age, Ludger (David Kross, 31) was approached by Officer Stasi (Henry Hübchen, 75). On his behalf, Fox infiltrated the art scene in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district…

Stasikomödie is competing for four German Film Awards (Lolas). Including one for Henry Hübchen as Best Supporting Actor. Margarita Broich (62), Tom Schilling (40) and Detlev Buck (59) star in their small roles. Antonia Bell (34) and Dalila Piasco (31) also got everything from their performances, which were unfortunately too small.

It is doubtful that Linder Houseman Stasi’s comedy could repeat the success of Sonnenallee. If you look at the current cinematic environment, “Stasi Comedy” is one of the few films without the frills of superheroes that justify a visit to the cinema.

Synopsis: Leander Haussmann makes us laugh at Stasi. He owes the fact that he does so well (in addition to his book) to the wonderful cast.

(116 Min/FSK: ab 12 J.)

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