so cold?  Macron family style in London

Cole Cat: Brigitte Macron

May we introduce Macron, Brigitte Macron, in London the day before the Queen’s funeral. To look like the bodyguards of your bodyguards is a higher order in the appearance of a partner. It takes sunglasses, country-club staff jackets, and of course sneakers. This was precisely the cause of a real internet storm because the morality police felt they had no respect for the Queen. As if one had to wear mourning on one’s feet already in flight. Online dirty storms don’t matter in real life, but this proves that shoes are generally seen as a measure of respectability. So it is even more surprising that the Digital Prayer Sisters did not handle the shoes of other mourners at all on the official day of the funeral. I’ve seen a lot of very high black stilettos in Melania Trump’s style, and on very royal feet: Princess Catherine, for example. Or that of Duchess Meghan, who so emphasized the actual intent of her somewhat elegant cape that it ended up in a commercial for supposedly fancy hazelnut fudge or sparkling wine from a Spanish supermarket, where wealthy women always look so disguised. The royals used to be famous for their simple shoes that nip any suspicion of immorality in the bud (Camilla still pulls it off). By the way, at the funeral itself, Brigitte Macron’s look was not at all casual, but quite appropriate. So please leave her alone.

Badass Bohemian: Emmanuel Macron

On Twitter, an apt caption read about this photo of the Macron couple: “It looks like they mixed up the Queen’s funeral with Godard’s.” Indeed, cinematic cues come to mind when you look at Emmanuel Macron, somewhere along the lines of Belmondo the Conqueror or, more appropriately, Jean-Louis Trintignant. what is the reason? On the one hand, of course, in the mischievous and powerful masculinity that the French president is known to exude. On this walk along the Thames, it was emphasized by a funky dark scarf tied tightly with real badass glasses, excuse me. No Briton, let alone a British politician, would refine his case in this way, especially not on such an occasion. Perhaps that is why there is public outcry about the fact that the day before the funeral was so accidental. But bohemian is still a French word, and what can actually be said against the successful mini RPG between them? Looks like they have a getaway car parked somewhere. At best, the noble sneakers were of a suicidal nature, which aroused resentment in France. In fact – the loafers from famous French shoemaker JM Weston (570€) do nothing good for the outfit and probably the blessed queen will be pissed off. But, as usual, she wasn’t going to let it show.


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