SING4LIFE 2022: Concert for AIDS – Helvey Hamburg

SING4LIFE 2022: Concert for AIDS – Helvey Hamburg

“Love” is the motto from this year Benefizkonzerts SING4LIFE Favor AIDS help HamburgThe Created by Byron Van Jones in 2011. He was called up again this year by Organized by his dedicated team on a voluntary basis Become.

SING4LIFE want it Forgetting to face the dangerous disease AIDS He supports AIDS-Hilfe Hamburg in their ongoing mission of education, prevention and advice with concert proceeds.

Also in 2022 brings SING4LIFE again First class business On stage, including Jessica Jade and Darren L. Byrd and Ballongil Gumed. In addition, there will be More surprise appearances Give. They all became artists No fees for a good reason occur fall appear.

wide enlightenment This is still the case 40 years after AIDS first appeared Necessary. the number of People infected with HIV/AIDS in Germany continue to rise It is about 84,700 according to an estimate by the Robert Koch Institute. Fortunately, the number of new HIV infections nationwide has not increased compared to the previous year and is again around 3,200 (as of the end of 2015).

Also in Hamburg life Many people with immunodeficiencyEstimated new infections Located in the Hanseatic city again at 230 … as much as the previous year.

Against this background comes AIDS-Hilfe Hamburg important social meaning To: with Committed staff, often volunteers It is provided by a professional counseling facility Valuable work, supported Victims, their families, friends and Provides more tolerance in the population.

That’s exactly what it is What do you care about SING 4 LIFEThis is due to the seriousness of HIV and AIDS and the multiple fates of those infected with it It must not be forgotten.

The net proceeds from entrance fees to the concert at Schmidtchen will benefit AIDS-Hilfe Hamburg eV. More information at

About Sing4Life

Based on Annual “Dance 4 Life” event in ChicagoWho uses his income to educate and prevent AIDS Dancer and choreographer Byron Van Jones 2011 in Hamburg The charity concert “SING4LIFE” has been launched.

Since then, the team surrounding Byron Van Jones has been volunteering for this concert with the goal of making it happen This dangerous disease is not under oppression burial.

About Aidshilfe Hamburg eV

self.determined.continue Edschlef Hamburg. You are Self-help facility, citizen movement and professional advice – since 1984 – Over 150 fellow volunteers and 14 experts from various professional fields Empowering people and communities The back, which is particularly affected by HIV infection.

SING4LIFE happens Thanks for the kind support von Schmidtchen, event technology Neumann & Müller, entertainment and triple consulting, hinnerk hotel and hostel and Pajama Park.

Coil: Sing4Life


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