Sinan Ji wins the boxing match against Bozeman by KO

Sinan Ji wins the boxing match against Bozeman by KO

It was the first boxing match between two German rappers that would potentially go down in the history of German rap music. While the two opponents allowed each other to tease each other beforehand, the boxing match reached its climax.

Sinan-G won the fight against Bözemann in the fifth round with a KO. At the end of the fight, the two opponents shook hands and seemed to have fought the battle in an athletic way. Sinanji raised the Albanian flag while Bozeman raised the Iranian flag as a sign of respect.

Complications during combat

There were many complications during the fight that hindered the fight. Already in the first episode it appears that Bozeman sprained his ankle, which is why he limped for the rest of the fight. At first, the commentator suspected a physical defect in Bozeman’s shoes.

In addition to the fight in the ring, there also appeared to be brawls outside the ring, which led to local security calling for the fight to stop. However, the organizer of the fight picked up the microphone and asked the fans to calm down.

“Sit down! Please calm down, let’s finish the fight and have fun!” Then the crowd seemed to have calmed down and the fight could continue.

The commentator was dumbfounded by the course of the boxing match, which he said had nothing to do with real boxing. The commentator reprimanded, “This is not a street fight here,” and even called for the event to be halted. However, the event continued and at the end of the fight, Sinan-G exited the fight as a deserving winner.

Here you can watch the fight from 6 minutes 32:


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