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Siemens Home Appliances Usher in the Era of Artificial Intelligence / The new iQ700 oven that draws on artificial intelligence (AI) for results tailored to individual tastes

Munich (OTS)

Siemens Hausgeräte presents the new iQ700 studioLine oven and thus points the way forward. Because with this latest addition to the Smart Kitchen, the brand is introducing artificial intelligence for the first time to customize baking results to personal preferences. One of the most prominent features of the premium device is the camera with a tanning sensor built inside. In addition, it inspires with full-touch operation, simple design and vision.

The studioLine innovation fits perfectly into today’s lifestyle, increasingly individualistic and spontaneous. A wealth of smart functions and intuitive operation give users more independence. You no longer have to wait for the best possible result when baking, but you can confidently leave the monitoring to the browning sensor: all you have to do is select the desired degree of browning on the scale. With the help of the built-in camera and artificial intelligence, the oven then prepares it to taste. When the preferred shade of brown is reached, the iQ700 turns off automatically. The chef receives a message on his mobile device via the Home Connect app – wherever he is.

Strikingly unclear

The new oven impresses not only with the latest technology, but also with its restrained design, which is almost entirely based on dark glass. The innovative glass handle emphasizes its elegant appearance. Hardly visible at first glance, upon closer inspection, it appears to be floating weightlessly in front of the front – yet it rests firmly in the hand. Edges, curves and dimensions are harmoniously coordinated and allow the iQ700 to seamlessly blend into the modern kitchen environment.

In a conversation with the assistant

In addition to high-quality technology and elegant appearance, the novelty impresses with many functions that make everyday life easier: they can be controlled by voice commands, including via Amazon Alexa. One of them is the new Siemens oven assistant: just name the dish you want to prepare using Amazon Alexa voice control – and the iQ700 will suggest the perfect program setting. The word “Ok” is enough to start preheating, baking, roasting, or grilling. The shortcut to the device’s many special functions ensures success and is also available by touch via the Home Connect app.

The classic process reinvents itself

The user can also expect a completely new operating experience on the board. Here, a high-resolution TFT touch screen display provides access to the full range of furnace services. Full surface food images whet the culinary enthusiast’s appetite for vegetables, pastries, and the like. With the help of the cookControl Pro function, users can express their individual desires – such as a quick program sequence or a particularly exciting or crunchy result. The oven automatically applies the correct settings and shuts off once the dish is ready.

Faster with the new full steam

The fullSteam Plus function makes it possible to cook food healthier and more sustainably: thanks to a balanced combination of steam and heat, food is prepared up to 20 percent faster up to 120°C compared to full steam at 100°C. Another additional development that ensures an optimal cooking experience is the BratSensor Plus: in order to obtain the most accurate result possible, it measures the temperature of the meat at three different points. BakingSensor Plus determines the humidity in the oven during fully automatic baking and thus ensures excellent results. With the help of the two sensors, the Home Connect app ensures that users always keep an eye on the current baking time.

With the latest Siemens studioLine iQ700 oven, ‘automatic cooking at will’ has become a reality. Everyone who does not want to leave anything to chance in their kitchen benefits from this.

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