Home Top News Search for buried victims: Hurricane destroys Czech villages

Search for buried victims: Hurricane destroys Czech villages

Search for buried victims: Hurricane destroys Czech villages

The search for buried subjects is ongoing
The hurricane destroys Czech villages

Hurricanes are not unique to the United States and can occur in Europe in connection with severe storms. In the evening, one of these hurricanes spreads across the southeastern Czech Republic. The whole village is said to have been destroyed. There are a large number of rescue workers.

A hurricane left the path of catastrophe on Thursday in the southeastern Czech Republic. According to initial estimates by the fire department, up to 150 people could be injured. In many villages, roofs were closed, window panes were destroyed, trees were uprooted and cars were thrown around, according to the TV station CD. Also, several buses capsized in a storm in southern Moravia.

All available forces are going to the area, said Interior Minister John Hamasek: “Everything with arms and legs goes there.” A huge windmill was seen in pictures and videos on social media. Both communities of Hrusky with a population of about 1500 and Moravska Nova Ves with about 2600 people were particularly affected. Deputy Mayor Hruskis told the CDK agency that half the space had been demolished. “There are only walls, no roof and no windows,” he said. People could not have saved themselves from the storm.

The size of hail tennis balls

Several rescue teams of dogs were on their way to the area to search for lessons buried inside the buildings. Heavy summer thunderstorms passed through southern Moravia, making it known for its wine-growing areas, throughout the evening. Emergency lines bear the load.

According to reports on social media, the size of tennis balls in the districts of Breklaw and Hodon fell. Fort Walthis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was damaged by millions of people. Numerous windows in the Baroque building have been broken since the 17th century. The T2 motorway goes from Brno to Brecklaw because the high voltage line fell on the roadway. About 32,000 homes were without electricity.

The government in Prague is preparing the army for a possible relief operation. Two rescue helicopters were en route from Austria. Neighboring Slovakia also provided assistance. Prime Minister Andrzej Babis announced he would not return from Brussels to attend the EU summit due to bad weather.

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