Schalke 04: This is what the national team coach Flick said about Simone Tyrodi's chances in the World Cup

Frankfurt / Main.
After Simon Tyrode was the leading scorer again in the second division, many called for his appointment to the German Football Association team. This is how Hansi Flick interacts.

the message Hansi Flick Important, which is why the national coach repeats it over and over on Thursday morning in changing the differences: the door to the national team and the Winter World Cup in Qatar is open to all players – not just the 23 players Flick is currently working on. He used for his summer training camp and upcoming Nations League matches against Italy (4 June), England (7 June), Hungary (11 June) and Italy again (14 June).

This also expressly applies to Simon TeraudyHe is the second top scorer in the German League with 30 goals and an important factor in the rise of the German League Schalke 04. “He’s a striker who regularly scores a lot in the second Bundesliga – and now we have to see next season if he can score in the Bundesliga,” says Flick. “If he performs at the highest level, all doors and gates are open.” But “it’s great how he always scored his goals in recent years and got a good share.” They are happy that Terodde is now playing in the Bundesliga and will be taking a very close look.

A real striker like Tyrodi is missing from the German Football Association

Schalke Tyrode’s advantage may be that he is a true attacking centre-forward, someone with strength, head strength and an unerring nose for goals – and thus a different kind of player than most German strikers. It also comes when Flick spoke of VFL Wolfsburg’s Lukas Nmica: “He has a different player profile than we usually have with Karim Adeyemi and Timo Werner up front,” said the national coach. “It is important that we have alternatives that interpret football in a different way.”

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If things don’t work out comically, and if the crowbar must be emptied, you can use someone like Nmecha – or like Simon Terodde. But not only because of the league’s top scorer, Flick is happy with Schalke’s return to the Bundesliga: “It’s great that Schalke came up again right away,” he says. “If you see the feelings of the fans at the moment of promotion, in Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday or at FC Stuttgart – those feelings make football.

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