Sanitary pass is now required at ski resorts, due to high infection rate

The document must be submitted when the national infection rate exceeds 200 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in France.

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The obligation to submit a health permit in French ski resorts entered into force on Saturday, December 4, according to the protocol established in the event of a deterioration in the health situation. Domaines skiables de France (DSF) has announced controls. “It is from today that it can be applied”, identified Alexandre Moulin, president of this organization representing the operators of 250 ski resorts in France.

The protocol for access to ski lifts in ski resorts provides for a mandatory pass if the national infection rate exceeds 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This limit was reached last weekend and We are at 350 today.The president explained. “There will be checks at the foot of the main ski lifts when leaving the station in a random and non-permanent manner.”is completed, “So that people know they will be verified”. Alexander Mullen also mentions “Very strong connection when purchasing the package” to remind that “Passage Required”.

“Each station will be organized a little differently, but it will be possible for company or corporate employees to come as reinforcements”, confirms again. In Serre-Chevalier (Hautes-Alpes), whose ski season opened on Saturday morning, health permit checks are carried out “at the time of purchase (ski tickets) and at the time of climbing to the gondola that gives access to a ski area”, explained David Chabanal, Director Tourism office. “Customers are informed in advance and they are not surprised, they planned it and got it on their smartphone. Objectively speaking, it is going well.”


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