RTL star Frauke Ludowig made a surprising confession on the IQ test

RTL star Frauke Ludowig makes a surprising confession live on IQ-Test

06/13/2022 at 9:37 pm

RDL: This is how it started with the broadcaster

RDL: This is how it started with the broadcaster

RTL, a private television station, aired in Germany on January 2, 1984. At that time the station was called RTL plus. The acronym “RDL” is derived from the name “Radio Television Luxembourg”. The television station was created as part of the German language radio show “Radio Luxembourg”.

Show description

Yesterday Frauke Ludowig was still in front of the camera for “exclusive” and was one of six participants who tested his IQ live on TV today. RTL-Moderator Sonja Jitlow Janine Ulman, Philip Pavlovic, Dr. Dr. Johannes Wimmer, Arabella Kiesbauer and Axel Stein ask questions that can be used to determine your own level of intelligence.

Both visitors and visitors to the site can participate RTL. However, even at the beginning of the show, it becomes clear that the questions are not easy to answer. Then Frock Ludovic suddenly made a surprising confession explaining his ignorance.

RTL shows IQ test – then Frauke Ludowig is surprised with this confession

“What is the alcohol content of a cocktail?” Co-evaluator Wigald Boning wants to know. Candidates are eager to guess, but none of them are sure.


It RTL-Star Frog Ludovic:

  • Frock Ludovic began his career in radio
  • Since 1994 he has hosted the RTL show “Exclusiv – Das Starmagazin”.
  • Frauke Ludowig and his daughter Nele are now following in front of the camera for a photo shoot


The comedian’s description also makes celebrities question. When Sonja Zietlow later wanted to know if she was ready for the show, Frauke Ludowig came over to the moon and admitted: “I do not even know where I’m going.”

RTL presenter Frock Ludovic reveals: She does not even know what show she is participating in

The presenter really thought the show would be about the game. However, Frock Ludovic did not expect brain training to wait for him.

An additional challenge to RTL awareness is that every celebrity must solve questions individually and not copy them from a neighbor, because he reveals: “I always cheated at school.”


More about RTL:


By the end of the show, it becomes clear how far she can go without copying it. The IQ of those present is then publicly announced.

The entire show will be available online as a live stream on RTL +.

Here you can see why RDL star Frock Ludovic had to take a lot of criticism for his Instagram photo.


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