Riverboat: Former weather meteor Maxie Beaver wants to sail in the Caribbean with her man and her own boat

One leads, the other leads: This is how Maxie Pierre and her husband manage the work division on the shared sailing ship.

Multi-sailing license holder and builds his own boat: Captain Maxie Beaver (58).

Multi-sailing license holder and builds his own boat: Captain Maxie Beaver (58). © Screenshot Instagram / maxibiewer

As MDR Riverboat reported to native Berliner Jörg Kachelmann, she and her husband live with a great passion above all else: sailing!

“We are currently building our boat. Now I do not have a list to follow, now we can go on the boat anytime,” Beaver cheered in the speech round.

She and her partner Jean-Patrice Wenum built everything on the boat themselves. “I know every washer. We know ‘they’ – this is what they say about a boat inside and out. I’m a captain – I have all the licenses to sail,” the former RDL presenter said proudly.

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An adventurous trip to the Canary Islands and the Caribbean in August is a common idea with her husband.

Former boxing champion Sven Ottke, who was invited to the river boat on Friday, had to follow up: During her last visit to the MDR, Maxi Biewer revealed that she and her husband were in a long-distance relationship. “Is that possible? Having been in a long-distance relationship for so long? Is it like this now?” The athlete asked bluntly.

“It’s okay. I’m Keelson, he’s the captain. Then there’s only one person in charge. Of course, I have to step back now. He’s scared: now the task force leader is coming,” Beaver joked.

If the two of them were really traveling for their Caribbean adventure, such a labor force might help – so there aren’t too many waves inside the boat!


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