Peking Europeans on Wednesday condemned the intimidation and hypocrisy of a diplomat fired from several European countries in Beijing. The government, in its statement, criticized the United States for racism and epidemics. Report this to a foreign newspaper.

Europe and the United States have been criticized for violating human rights. Beijing imposed sanctions on an EU individual in response to EU foreign ministers’ approval of sanctions against three officials responsible for running Uyghur’s minority names. The Netherlands, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Lithuania later withdrew their ambassadors from Beijing, while Italy and Belgium joined.

Hua Chunjing said on Wednesday that even if sanctions were imposed based on misinformation, it would be right for Europeans to defeat the race first, but not retaliate in the first place.

Velmosi S.D.
Anthony Blink

The government first wrote to the United States on Wednesday that the outbreak of the new corona virus was out of control last year, with political turmoil, racially motivated conflicts and social divisions. The document cites an attack on the January 6 episode, incidents of guns being used, and Americans’ inequality in health issues.

Cadron first reports on the situation in the United States in response to US criticisms of the violations of the first minority Uyghurs and the progress of Hong Kong and Tibet.

Countries need mutual assistance, solidarity and cooperation to create the epidemic. In the United States, it is always seen as an exception and an exaggeration, the epidemic situation is out of control …

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