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The new entertainment show Club of Good Moods has been running since May 4. Eleven high-profile faces, including Jenny Elvers (50), Cora Schumacher (45) and Marc Terenzi (43), are vying for the €50,000 prize. The participants live together in a beach house in Thailand for weeks. They gossip about stories from their past and are supposed to play some other games in between. A new episode can actually be watched on Saturday 1 of every Wednesday. But the third episode of the entertainment show will be canceled this week.

The Europa League final will take place on Wednesday evening, at the usual broadcast time Eintracht Frankfurt Played against Glasgow Rangers. Therefore, the radio decided to postpone the broadcast of the reality show until next week. So football-obsessed “Club of Good Moods” fans don’t have to dispense with a show like an announcer. celebrity flash announce: “Affiliate”good mood club“He stopped at each unit for a week.”

Even if Saturday 1 decided to stop the show due to a football game in the interests of fairness to all fans, RTL2 decided against it. This is how reality TV show Kampf der Realitystars runs on Wednesday despite the sporting event.

“Club der Gute Mood” starting May 4, 2022 every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on Saturday 1 and at Joyn

Good Mood Club: Season 1 nominees
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