Republicans in the United States start their primaries on January 15 in Iowa

Status: 07/08/2023 10:40 PM

Who will nominate Republicans for the White House in 2024? At least one thing is certain: The internal party primary between former President Trump, Florida Governor DeSantis, and several other applicants will begin January 15 in Iowa.

2024 Republican presidential primaries start date set: The Iowa party leadership has set January 15, 2024 as the date for the so-called Iowa caucuses. At these rallies, participants vote on which candidate they find most convincing. These caucuses in Iowa are traditionally the first in a long line of state primaries.

A crowded field of candidates wants to run counter to incumbent Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who has announced he will run again. Former President Donald Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are among those who have filed for the official GOP presidential nomination.

Most promising candidates

These Republicans want the White House

Democrats want to start in South Carolina this time

January 15, 2024 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day which is a federal holiday in the United States. The 2024 date is several weeks before the Iowa caucuses for the previous three presidential elections, but not as early as 2008, when they took place on January 3.

At the behest of President Biden, the Democrats changed their calendar ahead of the election. Now, instead of Iowa, South Carolina is slated to debut on February 3, 2024. The goal is to prioritize a state with a more diverse population. But there is also talk of the Democrats voting in Iowa on the same day as the Republicans and publishing the results of their caucuses at a later time. Additionally, New Hampshire has begun an in-party process to land ahead of South Carolina because the New Hampshire constitution provides for it.

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The presidential elections will be held on November 5 of next year. The formal selection of Democratic and Republican nominees will take place at the nominating party’s multi-day conventions in the summer of 2024. The deciding factor there is the number of delegate votes candidates have previously won in state primaries.


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