Simon Standle (59) is angry – sad.

For decades, the presenter was a popular face in the WDR program. Standle was completely surprised when he was released. What made her angry about it, she says on BILD am SONNTAG.

BILD am SONNTAG: Mrs. Stantle, you were one of the most popular providers in the WDR program. Suddenly you are out of work.

Simon Standle: “It may seem difficult, but unfortunately it’s the same. Absolutely unwelcome, because I would have liked to be moderate for a few more years. If you trusted hundreds of letters from our audience, letters to the editor and internet comments, they would have wanted to see me for a long time.”

Why was it exchanged? Too old?

Position: “It simply came to our notice then. But of course women in front of the camera are viewed more critically than men. Not from the audience! This is because they are more likely to be happy when you ask talented people of the same age. People write it to me. “

For 17 years, Simon Standle has been a WDR project

For 17 years, Simon Standle presented the WDR program “Local Time”Photo: WDR / Thomas Brill

What is the reason then?

Position: “To this day, I do not know what was behind my release. The WDR was really cowardly and turned back and forth on vague statements.”

What did they tell you?

Position: “He wants to beat other target groups, especially young people between the ages of 35 and 55. Most teenagers don’t watch analog TV anyway. They watch serials on their laptops or catch messages on their cell phones in between.”

Does it work to motivate younger audiences with younger evaluators?

Position: “I doubt it. If you snatch something familiar and loved from them, you will provoke an old, loyal regular audience.”

Nevertheless, you are not an appraiser.

Position: “At the beginning of the year came a letter from the program team chairman, in which he wrote that someone wanted to become very different.”

Your Turkish-German counterpart Samera Gaya will now be moderate in your place.

Position: “A good young lady, I gave her tips even during training! I’m worried about the bad way I got out of there. You could have sat down with me and we would have talked openly about how to create a breath of fresh air with new faces – and a meaningful staff of old, long-serving staff behind the camera. We continue to use it along the way, or completely separate, but frankly and honestly, but finding these dishonest confusions and absurd causes is a chin. To this day, none of my colleagues know why I had to go. After 27 years, you have not even given me a message with a few general words. WDR The way he pushed me out the door hurt me incredibly well.

Appraiser Samera Gaya

Appraiser Samera GayaPhoto: WDR / Ben Knabe

You volunteered to work at WDR Radio.

Position: “Yes, I could have produced and presented news on the radio. In addition, I should have provided articles and ideas for shows. During these times I would have liked to have stood in the flooded area and reported from there. I have given my labor in every direction. But since there were negative reactions to my departure, WDR has now completely ended my engagement. So much for freedom of expression! I know this is not an isolated incident. I have received messages from many famous colleagues and have been handled in the same way. “

Where do you see the basic problem of WDR, even on all public television?

Position: “The WDR wants to radically reshape itself and become very different. It’s not going well with the audience, especially those over the age of 50. Sometimes it’s a little racist from the audience’s letters to the editorial board – it’s definitely questionable and wrong. But from this audience’s point of view, German reviewers We will gradually change because we have no migration background.I think doing everything-something-new- completely loses the heart of the audience.They are not asked.I have heard the punishment many times from our management set that the elderly will die anyway.In their opinion, they have these loyal viewers in their excuses , It is often called because they do not belong to the ‘success target group’ .But a station can completely attract its loyal audience. The modernization of the past alienates. WDR acts as an impossibility and strain for an old, loyal audience. I think it’s a shame. “

Where do you want to go now?

Position: “I have no definite plans yet, everything is still new. But sometimes I think: what if I call another station and look for an experienced presenter? I think I’ll have a lot of fun with it and step back in front of the camera.”

What the WDR says:

“Local time is a daily broadcast, with a long tradition and includes constant updates. There will always be a change between local time evaluators. It’s normal, and reviewers know it.”

Assessor Simon Standle blames: WDR audience is impossible

Photo: Built

What exactly is diversity?

There is nothing hidden behind this word other than the word diversity. That too is reflected in the community.

It is not only about the ethnic origin of the people, but also about age, disability, gender, religion or worldview and sexual identity.

Many broadcasters have now made it their mission to present the diversity of the community in their projects and with their moderators. About 26 percent of the population living in Germany, slightly more than a quarter, have an immigration background.

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