Redesigning Your Phones Volume Panel: What to Expect from Android 15

Google’s upcoming Android 15 update is set to bring a major overhaul to the volume control panel, enhancing both its appearance and functionality. The latest developer preview gives users a sneak peek at the redesigned volume panel, featuring pill-shaped sliders and visual indicators for volume levels.

The new design for Android 15 includes streamlined functionality for muting streams and animated adjustments to the text on the sliders. Google has been working on tweaking Android’s Material You design across different parts of the interface, with the volume control panel being a key focus for the upcoming update.

The old volume panel in Android has five skinny sliders for different audio sources and buttons to access sound settings. In contrast, the new design for Android 15 features big, pill-shaped sliders with a noticeable dot indicating maximum volume. Users can quickly mute a stream by tapping its icon, and the “Sound & vibration” header has been replaced with a media output switcher that remains visible.

Additionally, the revamped volume panel includes cool features like “noise control” and spatial audio. Users will also have the ability to shrink down or hide the volume panel altogether for a more streamlined experience.

More information on Android 15 is expected to be available when the first beta starts to roll out. Keep an eye out for the official release to see all the new features and improvements that the update will bring to Android devices.

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