Rapper Loredana: While she was sleeping in her bed, ten thieves entered her residence

Rapper Loredana was stormed.

© Instagram / loredana

A shocking experience for rapper Loredana: Several thieves enter her residence while she sleeps in her bed.

BARCELONA – It must have been one of the worst nights that rapper Loredana has ever had. On the night of Thursday (July 8, 2021) ten men broke into their residence in Barcelona, ​​where the filming of the Swiss musician is currently scheduled. She reported the horrific incident on her Instagram account and shared CCTV videos showing the masked hackers.

Robbery of rapper Loredana: Ten men enter their homes

The 25-year-old wrote on her Instagram story: “Ten armed men broke into our house. I couldn’t believe it myself, I was sleeping.” In many story series, you can see a whole bunch of people sneaking around the house at night via CCTV videos. Loredana implores her followers to reach out to her if there are any tips. “It’s not about money,” said the musician, “it’s about a very personal piece that was stolen from me.”

Surveillance videos show hackers entering rapper Loredana.

© Instagram / Loredana

A burglar sneaks around the house where rapper Loredana is sleeping.

© Instagram / loredana

According to the information received from Build It is said that Loredana only noticed something of the intrusion when the perpetrators fled. And she wrote on her Instagram account: “Thank God, my family and my team that nothing happened to us,” and she continued, “Yesterday I realized again, being grateful every day for what you have.”

Rapper Loredana: A home burglary while she slept

“As far as we know, the perpetrators have been in the house for more than 30 minutes,” the Loredana administration told the news magazine. “Loredana is fine, she is very happy that nothing happened to anyone.” In addition, she was very lucky in the ordeal. Because at first she thought of taking her three-year-old daughter with her to Spain. However, because she was so busy, she eventually decided to turn it down. Her husband, rapper Muzik, is said to have left the day before the break-in. In all, the thieves are said to have stolen 35,000 euros worth of items, including hard drives, cameras, laptops and jewellery. Police are currently investigating a break-in. (jbr)

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