Q.1 Wednesday from “25km”: Marcus Collar’s movie again

On Wednesday (June 29, 2022) it ran “25 km / h” on TV. Didn’t see the piece? All the information about repeating online on the internet and on TV can be found here at news.de.

The movie “25 km / h” was shown on television on Wednesday (June 29, 2022). You did not arrive until 8:15 pm Sat.1 Want to see a picture of Marcus Collar? Sat.1 View the media library. There you will find numerous TV reports after the video has been aired online as a requirement for streaming. As a rule, you will see the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. “25km / h” is shown on TV again on Saturday.1: Morning 30.6.2022 A 1:05 am.

“25km / h” on TV: That’s the joke

“Friendly!” After the victory! Markus Goller and Oliver Ziegenbalg make a road movie comedy with a star cast: When brothers George and Christian meet at their father’s funeral 30 years later, there is no sign of reunion. Nevertheless, the two decide to fulfill their childhood dream and tour Germany on their mopeds. But with different characters like this, the problem is already planned. (Source: Sat.1, sent by FUNKE program magazines)

“25 km / h” All information and cast at a glance

Repeat: 30.6.2022 (1:05 ​​am)

At: Sat.1

வான்: Marcus Coller

With: Bjarne Mädel, Lars Eidinger, Sandra Hüller, Franka Potente, Alexandra Maria Lara, Jella Haase, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Jördis Triebel, Andrej Melita, Caroline Bär and Matti Schmidt-Schaller

Handwritten paper: Oliver Geekenbalk

Photo tool: Frank Griebe

Music Andrzej Melida

Type: Comedy

Year of manufacture: 2018

FSK: Approved for ages 6 and up

Original title: “25 km / h”

Subtitles: Yes

In HD: Yes

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