Put on the mask and get vaccinated, the necessary measures Jean-François Delfraissy and Alain Fischer - Liberation
COVID-19 pandemic in Francea file

To counter the sharp increase in pollution, the heads of the Scientific Council and the Steering Board of the Vaccine Strategy are calling for the French to vaccinate and recommend the wearing of a mask. without being anxious.

You want to be reassured while encouraging caution and vaccination. This is the balancing act that Jean-François Delfraisy was engaged in on Thursday. For the head of the Scientific Council, guest RTL Sabah, despite infections that have risen dramatically since the start of the month — an average of more than 80,000 new cases are discovered every day — the seventh wave of Covid-19 is doing just that. should not be “Don’t spoil the summer because we are vaccinated”. The doctor states that the omicron variant BA.5 is “Very contagious” bone “Not worse than the others”.

However, Jean-François Delfraisy calls for it “Resume vaccination in the elderly” Only a quarter of eligible people received a second COVID booster shot. And as the government has done in recent days, “To re-examine a certain number of recommendations to reduce pollution”Especially with regard to the mask. Elizabeth Bourne asked governors and health authorities on Tuesday to encourage the wearing of masks in enclosed spaces. On Monday, the Minister of Health had requested “For the French to return the mask to the means of transport”. Just like SNCF recommends it on its trains. So far it is only “Recommendations”without obligation.

Health and Safety Monitoring Agency until March 2023

The Prime Minister should also meet by video link this Thursday with the Presidents of the National Assembly, Senate and Parliamentary Groups during two Parliamentary Contact Committees dedicated to COVID. These meetings should deal specifically with the bill to keep “Health Control and Security System” Until March 2023 which should be checked in July. According to a draft law, the text does not provide for extending the possibility of reinstating a state of health emergency beyond July 31, nor a health permit or vaccination to restrict access to certain places or gatherings.

About Jean Francois Delfraissy, ‘The government was right’ Not making a mask mandatory at this time “Because in this crisis you have to be scalable”. The head of the Scientific Council, who also announced that he will leave his post once the Health Crisis Act is discussed in Parliament, estimates that the peak of this wave will be around the end of July. “This means that the impact on the healthcare system has not yet reached its maximum.” : “We expect 1,500 daily admissions to hospital within a week – that is, as in March, when the supply of care is lower.” However, a couple of weeks ago he mentioned a spike in pollution Late June or early July.

The story is somewhat the same for Alan Fisher, chair of the vaccine strategy advisory board. At France Inter this morning, he encouraged the most vulnerable (over 60 and immunocompromised, or 15 to 20 million French), to take a fourth dose of the vaccine. And the youngest “A certain number has not yet received a third dose.”to go for vaccination. It also calls for the wearing of the mask in transportation and closed places, without opposing the obligation. While you want to be, like Jean-François Delfraisse, somewhat reassuring: “There is a wave ahead but we have to be right […] It (the virus) is no more dangerous, nor does it cause more serious forms of the disease.


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