Princess Leonor: Why her 18th birthday will be so special

Updated on 05/31/2023 at 12:21 PM

Not only will Spain’s Princess Leonor come of age this fall, but the heir to the throne could also have a very special date on her 18th birthday.

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This year, several new stages of Princess Leonor’s life began. On October 31, the daughter of King Philip VI. and Queen Letizia of legal age. She could also take the oath of allegiance to the Spanish Parliament on the same day.

Before the General Cortes, the heir to the throne, or in this case heir to the throne, swears allegiance to the king and swears to respect the constitution. The last of this oath was Leonor’s father, the King Felipe, he was eliminated in 1986 when he celebrated his 18th birthday. It is not yet certain if Leonor will be sworn in on her birthday. The date of the swearing-in also depends on the political situation in Spain.

According to a statement from Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, he cannot be sworn in until January next year if a new government is not formed by the fall. However, since the new elections are scheduled for July 23, this is unlikely.

Princess Leonore: high school, oath of allegiance, military training

Either way, it’s still an adventurous year for the princess: only recently, on May 20, Leonor got her high school diploma. And soon, in August, she will begin her three-year military training in all three branches of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Military training for heirs to the throne is common in Spain because the king or queen is also responsible for the army.

By the way, Princess Leonore’s title as Crown Princess is theoretically in jeopardy if her parents give birth to another son. The Spanish constitution still officially stipulates that a male heir is preferred over older sisters. Since Leonor’s birth, there have been discussions about changing the constitution, but nothing has been done about it so far.
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