Prince Albert II took Sister Caroline to the Vienna State Opera

Albert and Caroline from Monaco attended the premiere of the opera. Princess Charlene was not there.

phone Stephanie Witchellbaum

There were important visitors on Sunday evening at the Vienna State Opera. because the prince Albert Monaco and his sister Princess Caroline Attended the premiere of the opera “Il turco in Italia”.

The reason for this is that this is a guest performance by the Opera de Monte Carlo, under the patronage of Prince. From next season he will be an opera star Cecilia Bartoli She directed the Monte Carlo Opera and also sang, except for a small concert, for the first time at the Vienna State Opera.

The prince and his sister arrived in Vienna in the late afternoon, stayed at the Hotel Sacher and then made their way from there to the opera house. During the break, there was a small and intimate reception in the tea room.

Charlene, wife of Prince Albert, was not present when he visited Vienna. She has always had health problems.

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