Pope: Do what the cardinals asked before the conclave

Pope: Do what the cardinals asked before the conclave

According to his own statement, Pope Francis has previous period He did what the Cardinals addressed at their meeting before the conclave in 2013. “When I got elected, I said, ‘Okay, let’s put these things into practice. The economic system, the new laws of the Vatican State, the pastoral care of the Vatican Ministry, which is very important, “he said in a newspaper. Broadcast Thursday Interview with the American Spanish-language television station “Telemundo”. Many things have changed, “but all of this was requested by the Cardinals.” The changes also include the fact that women hold important positions and that there is now, for example, a Deputy Prime Minister of State of the Vatican City.

When asked what he still has to do, Francis replies: “Everything. It’s funny, the more you do, the more you realize you still have a lot to do.” He emphasized again that the clergy is a big problem in the Church: “If you are a clergyman, you are not a priest.”

Improve health

Pope Francis described his health as “much better”. Regarding his knee problems, he said he can now walk again. “There are more painful days, like today.” But this is part of the process. His severe pneumonia, which required hospitalization at the end of March, was identified in time. If I had waited a few more hours, the Pope said, things would have been more serious. “But I got out after four days.”

On the subject of abortion, the pope once again drew the comparison to contract killing. Science clearly says that after a month of conception in the fetus, the entire system of organs has already been laid and the DNA is unambiguous. So he is a living being. Pope Francis said: “Is it legal to kill a living being to solve a problem?” Is it legal to hire a hitman to solve a problem? (times)


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