Police dogs must wear blue lights – April Fool’s comedy is viral

Ludwigsburg Police Online announced that under the new rules, service dogs will now be required to wear blue lights. Not everyone noticed that this post went online on April 1st – it went viral.

“From April 1, 2022, New Appendix 2 of the Police Dog Command Act (PoHuVo) will come into force”: The post on Stuttgart Police’s Facebook profile begins and refers to the profile of a Ludwigsburg colleague. Dogs at Ludwigsburg Police Headquarters must now wear the “Police Dog Blue Light” because police dogs must be clearly identified during service activities.

In road traffic, a police dog with blue lights has the same right as a patrol car. Ludwigsburg officials also describe the background to the change: “In the past, there have always been situations where police have tried to hug or feed on dogs. Weight gain through these misconceptions and treats should be a thing of the past. Own.”

Police Ludwigsburg: April Fool’s joke goes viral

Additionally, an additional siren may be envisaged on April 1, 2025. Most of the users on social media responded with compliments to the successful April Fool’s joke. “Little naughty ones!” Or “Will the dog do Tatütata too? Congratulations on April 1st” users commented on Twitter. Others post their own comments directly along with humor:

But not everyone seems to recognize this joke: “What nonsense! Animal welfare organizations and others will definitely take action against this. It’s a disgrace to Germany” and “In my opinion this is animal cruelty, and then the logo on it with the police dog logo,” it says, among others.

Police can still successfully register April 1: The Facebook post has already been liked more than 1,600 times and shared hundreds of times.


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