Home Tech Phil Spencer talks about bringing Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch • JPGAMES.DE

Phil Spencer talks about bringing Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch • JPGAMES.DE

Phil Spencer talks about bringing Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch • JPGAMES.DE

Anyone who thinks Xbox Game Pass is unprofitable for the Xbox probably isn’t alone. Sean Layden, who has been the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America for some time, also has skepticism about sustainability. Above all, the budget cannot be controlled with respect to Triple A developments.

a leg must be It has about 500 million subscribers to invest. With the Xbox Series, of course, this is not possible. This is another reason why it is in the best interest of Xbox to offer Xbox Game Pass on as many platforms as possible. It is not for nothing that the subscription model is also available on computers and mobile devices.

Every now and then Microsoft is said to be able to bring Xbox Game Pass to PlayStation and Nintendo. GamesRadar (via VGC) Phil Spencer specifically said: Does Microsoft want to bring it to the Nintendo Switch?

It may not be up to Microsoft

“We have no plans [den Xbox Game Pass] to another closed platform. Mainly because these other closed platforms don’t want something like Game Pass,” Spencer said.

“There are a lot of open platforms on which we can continue to grow: web, PC, mobile. So, frankly, our focus right now is on those platforms,” Spencer continued.

That doesn’t conclusively rule out the pure possibility of bringing Xbox Game Pass to non-Xbox consoles in the long run. If other platform owners are open to offering the “full experience” on their devices.

Evolution takes time

“You know, evolution always takes time,” Spencer says. Manufacturers would have built different strengths through hard work and change could see them as disruptive. They will have their own kind of tempo and speed to make changes. You are “completely open” to discussions.

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The goal of Xbox is – and certainly should be – to increase the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Part of the tactic is also that Game Pass will be streamed on smart TVs in the future.

Just in June, Microsoft announced: “Xbox is working with TV manufacturers around the world to embed the Xbox Live experience on Internet-connected TVs — with no additional hardware requirements except for a console.” the time. Just one extra console for 60€ and you’ll be there.

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