Perhaps suddenly in a wedding dress - that's why
Lisa Marie Straub was said to have had an affair with Mats Hummels in 2021.

Lisa Marie Straub was said to have had an affair with Mats Hummels in 2021.screenshot

What happens between Lisa Marie Straub and Drake? Last year, the Dortmund table tennis player was said to have had a brief affair with Mats Hummels after the two were spotted walking by a lake in Dortmund. However, neither of them have commented on the speculation – so it remains unclear if and what happened between them.

Lately, she’s suddenly become less attached to Mats Hummels and more attached to star Drake. Attentive users noticed that the 35-year-old followed the athlete on Instagram. Additionally, Lisa Marie recently traveled to Toronto, the home of the “God’s Plan” hit maker. The 22-year-old released a short video showing herself in the kitchen. Some followers were pretty sure they recognized Drake’s kitchen.

How the relationship between the German and international star originated was unclear at first – until now. Now it’s finally clear why Lisa Marie and Drake know each other. Before that, the Dortmund woman caused some confusion.

Lisa Marie and Drake married?

Lisa Marie suddenly posted several pictures on Instagram on Friday, Where she can be seen in a wedding dress. Another shot shows her sitting at a festive table with Drake. The singer is wearing a suit, they both look deeply into each other’s eyes. The new influencer wrote:

In addition, she tagged Drake with a wedding ring emoji. Feedback not long. “Don’t worry about the confusion here” or “Why isn’t it at Dortmund’s registry office?”For example, there were two comments at the bottom of the post. Other users gave Lisa Marie to understand that she was a beautiful bride.

But: Lisa Marie and Drake haven’t actually married. Drake released the music track for his song “Falling Back” this week Lisa Marie is part of the video along with other women playing the role of brides. In a pompous ceremony, Drake “marries” not just one woman, but several wives. A lavish wedding ceremony can then be seen in the video.

The song “Falling Back” appeared on the singer’s latest album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” which was released on June 17.

Follower growth thanks to Drake’s connection

Although Lisa Marie is not dating star Drake, the attention she got through this connection was totally worth it. In a short time I managed to gain a lot of followers. While her 44,000 users followed her about two weeks ago, she now has over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

The presence of a table tennis player was also noticed by television professionals, but so far she has refused all offers. “Most of them were definitely out of the question for me. I was spot on with sentences like: ‘We are looking for singles who love to party and flirt’“I explained on Instagram. But let her drink if she would still be seen on TV.



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