People are closely watched: Kim Jong-un tightens his iron grip on North Korea

People are closely monitored
Kim Jong Un tightens his iron grip on North Korea

While the United States and South Korea fear North Korea’s upcoming nuclear test, Governor Kim Jong Un is trying to gain more power in the country’s interior. He called for a special meeting to make the citizens of the isolated country more harmonious.

Governor Kim Jong Un is consolidating his party’s influence over North Korean citizens. With the meeting being called for the first time, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said, he wants to strengthen the “harmonious” leadership role of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea in society at large. The aim of the congress was to achieve organizational and ideological unification of the party’s ranks in all respects.”

The event focused on the Party Lifestyle (PLG), a powerful organization that controls the loyalty of officials and members. According to the US-based Human Rights Commission in North Korea (HRNK), the PLG monitors trends and patterns in individual behavior, particularly those that may harm the interests of the ruler.

In his remarks at the conference, Kim referred to the People’s Liberation Party as the “vein and nerve cord” that firmly links party organizations to the Central Committee, the Korean Central News Agency reported. It is the most important basis for implementing the party’s ideas and policies. According to the HRNK report, methods used by PLG include regular self-criticism sessions in which participants have to admit their error and confront allegations from other members. It is responsible for conveying orders from senior officials and plays a role in selecting candidates to run in elections.

Meanwhile, the United States and South Korea announced on Wednesday that North Korea is preparing to conduct a seventh nuclear test. South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol has announced “immediate and severe” retaliation in the event of North Korea’s provocation. In a meeting with top commanders, he called on the military to have “strong defensive capabilities” ready to protect South Korea, according to the presidential office. Yun took office in May by promising to take a tougher line on North Korea. North Korea’s last nuclear test was in 2017. Since then, several rounds of negotiations for the country’s nuclear disarmament have failed.


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