Outpatient medical care: Reha Wels expands its areas of expertise

Private Wels Hospital (PKA) has so far provided treatments for patients with cardiovascular or respiratory diseases. The offer is now expanded on the Wells website.

catfish. In addition to the already established cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation is now also available for patients with complaints of the musculoskeletal and supportive systems, oncological diseases, neurological diseases, diseases of the metabolic system and psychiatric diseases. The expansion was done gradually, since September 2022 all seven sections have been covered.

Benefits for patients

Outpatient medical rehabilitation has the advantage that patients can improve their physical health and this corresponds to their professional and private lives. “Through outpatient rehabilitation, we have the opportunity to offer more professional treatment to patients after their hospital stay,” explains Alexander Skreiner, Reha Wels Medical Director. “The patient remains in their familiar environment and still receives extensive treatment,” says the doctor, summarizing the benefits of an outpatient service.

to benefit from

In principle, every insured person can benefit from outpatient rehabilitation services, regardless of whether they are working or retired. “The prerequisite for this is that the attending specialist or family doctor submit an application to the relevant social or health insurance institution.

Comprehensive outpatient treatment program

Heart disease
Heart attacks, heart surgery, heart failure and chronic heart disease
lung diseases
Lung surgery, chronic diseases such as asthma or COPD or after infection with COVID-19
· Metabolism
Diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, Adipositas
· Orthopedics
Orthopedics, spine diseases, ligaments and tendons injuries
· Oncology
After chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery
Stroke, neuritis, or neurosurgical interventions
Exhaustion syndrome or mental or emotional disorders


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