Oscar Pistorius could be released early from prison

Oscar Pistorius could be released early from prison

Former Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius, who was convicted of killing his then-girlfriend, could soon be released from prison early. A spokesperson for the department said on Monday that the South African Department of Justice had contacted the family of Riva Steenkamp, ​​who was killed by Pistorius, regarding a dialogue between the victim and the perpetrator.

The victim’s parents have an opinion

Julian Knight, a lawyer for Pistorius, said he hoped the meeting could take place before the end of the year. Parents can make a recommendation to the board of directors, which decides to release from prison. But you do want to meet Pistorius in person beforehand. As per the regulations in South Africa, they have the right to do so.

Steenkamp’s parents said they wanted to ask Pistorius why he had shot their daughter. “They think Riva has a voice,” said the couple’s lawyer, Tanya Quinn. “You are the voice of Reva, and you owe it to your beloved daughter. Quinn did not say whether Steenkamp would oppose the release.

Pistorius, 34, had been eligible for early release since July to serve half his sentence of 13 years and five months.

From famous athlete to “Blade Runner Killer”

Oscar Pistorius, who was amputated from under his knees, killed his girlfriend Reva Steenkamp at his home with four shots through a toilet door on Valentine’s Day 2013 in the capital, Pretoria. His case from internationally famous athlete to shooter and the ensuing legal battle through several cases caused a sensation all over the world.

Sprinter Pistorius won six gold medals at the Paralympics on custom-made carbon prosthetics. In 2012, he started the London Olympics as the first amputee athlete.


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