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Oracle Exadata X9M: Datenbank-Application Moves to Managed Cloud

Oracle Exadata X9M: Datenbank-Application Moves to Managed Cloud

With Exadata X9M, Oracle has a new version of its database machine Foot. These are preconfigured systems that consist of a server, database software, and management and control tools. Oracle started its hardware about ten years ago. The basis was server technology acquired through the acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

With the new database machine, the manufacturer promises its customers an additional increase in performance. Compared to the previous generation, Exadata X9M mainly accelerates OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) processes. IOPS (Input and Output Operations Per Second) rates will be up to 87 percent higher, and response times for SQL queries are less than 19 milliseconds. Analytical scans of data stores have a capacity of more than terabytes per second. With the system, users can reduce transaction workload costs by up to 42 percent, and for analytical workloads, the potential for savings is up to 47 percent.

Oracle uses the latest Intel CPUs and Optane Persistent Memory (PMem) from the same manufacturer in its hardware. The systems can be equipped with a maximum of 576 CPUs. Compared to its predecessors, this means an increase of 33 percent. Storage capacity has been expanded by 28 percent. Oracle executives announce that users can consolidate more databases into a single Exadata system. This reduces costs and complexity in the process. In addition to transactional operations, users can also run analytical and machine learning workloads. Any combination of application domains within a database machine is also possible.