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With the Insignia, Opel says goodbye to one of its best models. Nevertheless, the plant in Rüsselsheim, where the car was assembled until now, should remain occupied.

The carmaker Opel will stop production of its top model Insignia at its main plant in Rüsselsheim this year. This was said on Friday, a spokesman for the parent company Opel Stylantis.

The mid-range car, developed under the direction of former parent company General Motors, has been delivered exclusively with combustion engines since 2017 and is now nearing completion. First, the gate had a job from the inside I mentioned about her.

As of 2024, every car was also an electric car

The Rüsselsheim plant will now be fully used with production of the Opel Astra and its sister model DS4. “Stopping Insignia with its non-electrical platform favors faster Astra production,” the spokesperson explained.

The Stellantis subsidiary has not yet introduced a new model for the Insignia. However, the company announced that electric variants will be introduced in all series starting in 2024. This was previously interpreted as a badge expiration date.

The number of employees is lower than at any time since the takeover

Since the acquisition by France’s PSA Group in the summer of 2017, Opel has forced thousands of employees to leave the company with severance payments, partial retirement and early retirement. Portions of the development center were outsourced.

Since the beginning of 2020 alone, 2,100 people have had to leave. In February, the Stellantis subsidiary temporarily sought several hundred contract workers to support increased production of the new compact model Astra.

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