Only two people can contact you directly

Even at the age of 95, Queen Elizabeth stays up to date with the latest technology. It is unknown whether she receives the news of the day in the newspaper in the morning or whether she is now calling it digitally. But it would be possible. Because according to the British media, the Queen is well-equipped. You must own a smartphone, an iPad, a laptop and have a secret Facebook account.

The Queen does not only use her mobile phone for calls and texts, But also for video calls. For example with grandchildren Prince Harry (37)And who lived in the United States with his family for about two yearsKeep in touch. However, not all of the royal clan had a direct line to the queen. Royal expert Jonathan Sacredotti wants “it’s clear that the Queen has two people she relates to the most”. In addition to her daughter, Princess Anne (71), she is said to be the manager of her own racing stable, John Warren. “He is a man who can apparently reach the Queen from anywhere in the world. If he calls, you answer,” the expert said in an interview with Us Weekly. Prinz Charles (73)And Prince William (39) And their partners first make their way through the servants before they can speak to their mother or grandmother.

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