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bankrupt security secretary SeniVita Social Estate AG, the One Square Treuhand GmbHCalls bond holders to Hold a meeting of creditors employment.

Background: one square sees itself In his role as security From the Representative of the Joint Bonds, Attorney Gustav Mayer zu Schwabedsen, lost credibility and raises in turn Allegation of misconduct in the management of the Joint Representative.

OSA provides in List detailing the alleged misconduct of the Joint Bond representative On its part, it takes a position on the decisions and measures taken.

In essence, the security guardian calls Invitation to bondholders to participate in the request to hold a meeting of bondholders.

Supposed to this event Accountable to Mr. Mayer zu Schwabedsen Specifically: a report on his performance in the position and an explanation of the motivation behind his decisions and actions.

Moreover, Mr. Mayer zu Schwabedsen must provide information on his economic or legal firm relations to the group of institutional bond creditors he represents, also represented on the so-called creditors’ advisory board. In particular, he should comment on the question of whether there are financial agreements between Mr. Mayer zu Schwabdissen and/or his law firm and the institutional bondholders he represents.

However, a Nominal volume required 5% of outstanding nominal volume, which will be about 2.5 million euros requiredAccording to the OSA, the nominal bond size is represented by about 2 million euros.

Affected bondholders who wish to support the invitation request can contact Register for free.

The One Square team is available for further questions. Inquiries should be directed to:

One Yard – Team SeniVita
Fax: +49 (089) 15 98 98 22
Mail: [email protected]

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