Sky jumper Selena Friedok fell heavily on Willingen.

© Matic Klansek / Imago

German ski jumper Selena Friedak fell badly on Willingen. The 20-year-old Olympian was hit in the chest when he landed.

Willingen – Moment of shock World Cup-Sky jumping in Willingdon: The German Skier Selena Friedak fell badly. The 20-year-old woman crossed her skies shortly before landing and was brutally stabbed in the chest and head.

Several paramedics immediately rushed to the scene and provided first aid. Fortunately, after a few minutes of treatment, Friedak set foot again with a painful face. Good sign: The Winter Athlete * He said goodbye to the camera from the ore mountains.

Olympic candidate with violent fall in Willingdon: German ski jumper badly hit the ground

Friedok is part of the women’s ski jumping team Olympia. Now 20, he had to shudder to attend the pre-Olympic winter sports weekend in Beijing. After her fall, The D.S.V.-And the athlete was taken to the hospital as a precaution for the test. Before leaving for China next week, they want to play it safe and check for abrasions on Friday.

The first round on the big hill in Willingdon was severely controlled by wind and fog. Juliane Seyfarth didn’t really want to start after his colleague fell, but then won himself over. “The conditions are erratic, it’s not advertising for women’s ski jumping, we’re not pretty,” Seyfarth said angrily on ZDF. He flatly refused to participate in the second round under current conditions. (C) * An offer from IPPEN.MEDIA


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