Off the west coast of Africa: a Russian warship stops a pirate attack

Russia said it prevented a pirate attack on a container ship in the Gulf of Guinea. The trapped crew was released by the pirates.

Pirate attack on the container shipMSC Lucia “in golf From Guinea off the coast of Nigeria, according to information from Moscow, from Russia Warship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” was banned. And the Russian Defense Ministry announced, on Monday evening, according to TASS news agency, that the submarine hunter received an emergency signal and ordered the helicopter piloted by Marines to the “MSC Lucia”.

When helicopter The pirates approached the container ship, disembarked and “disappeared at full speed toward the coast” on their speedboat. Then the Marines released the crew trapped by the pirates.

The ship sailing under the flag of Panama was on its way from Togo to Cameroon. According to information received from Moscow, the Russian Northern Fleet has transferred a group led by “Kulakov” to the Gulf of Guinea, where they have been patrolling for nearly three weeks, and one civilian. Shipping Try to protect the area from hacker attacks.

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