Now Prince Ralph Medics Fidelicus rules LXXX. (80) by Foll

Now Prince Ralph Medics Fidelicus rules LXXX.  (80) by Foll

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Now Prince Ralph Medics Fidelicus rules LXXX. (80) by Foll

12.11.22 – After a forced two-year break for the beloved house festival, the Fulda Carnival Society is especially proud of being able to pitch the new Prince’s team on Friday night at Kolping House: The Eighty Prince of Fulda is called Prince Ralph Medicus Fidelicus of the LXXX. (80) by Bean – Ralph Michael Huncher.

Below we present the Prince team in more detail: Prince Ralph Medix Fidelicos of LXXX. (80) by Foll

Images: Fulda Carnival Society

On April 7, 1974, an almost foolish date, our Prince saw the light of day in his beautiful coat. Today, the goofy Guardian is happily married to his wife Joanna, they have 2 kids (Gabriel 14, Martha 11) and 2 Dachshunds (Rosie 15 and Fronnie 2), and they’re also in the Volder Voisset with Tennis and a music train – kids, not J Dachshund

After a wonderful childhood in Fulda and in Petersberg and after attending the Domgymnasium, after graduating from high school, I went out into the wide world. He continued his genes and studied medicine in Budapest, Giessen and Boston. After government examination and medical activities in Gießen and Wetzlar, he returned home, where he completed his specialist training at Herz Gisow Hospital and Clinic in Fulda and at his father’s local clinic in Petersburg. Since 2008 he has worked as a specialist in general medicine in Petersberg. As a paramedic in the fourth generation.

His commitment and professionalism have earned him the nickname Bergdokor at Petersberg and at Foll. Prince Ralph is a man for all occasions! Whether as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ostesin Health Network, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Sankt Ljuba Parish Council or as the new Elferrat President of the Fulda Carnival Society. He is always there when passion is needed.

Last but not least, this is how he found his place in the medical team of Föllsche Elf from the baroque city of Fulda Lehnerz. When he has time to himself, he enjoys exploring Rhön or his second home, Lake Tegernsee, by mountain bike. He also likes to hold the sails firmly in his hand when sailing a boat. He loves cooking with friends and tasting wine.

The new Guardian’s personal carnival career as Prince Alexander’s assistant from Fraunberg’s Fool began in 2012. Until then he sniffed the scent of Foaset and had been enjoying season five to the fullest ever since. Now his dream has come true and he can use the goofy wand like Prince Ralph Medics Fidelicus.

Assistant Johannes Hohmann

Adjutant Johannes Hohmann, 42, is the managing director of traditional Fulda Herm. Hohmann building decoration. After school, he performed military service with the mountain forces and was able to live out his affinity for the mountains. Having successfully completed his civil engineering studies in Mainz and worked abroad, he joined his parents’ company in 2011 and took over management in 2014.

In the 2017/2018 campaign, Fulder Foaset led as Prince Johannes Colori Paletti LXXVII. on me. His son Benedict was also born during his campaign. He is married to Franziska, who works as a specialist in trauma surgery and orthopedics at a clinic in Fulda. They have twins together, Valentina and Victoria, who will soon be eight years old, and a son, Benedict.

In addition to his work, Johannes Hohmann is involved in the social sector, for example as a partner in Perspektiva, Antonius or Rotaray Club Fulda. He does volunteer work for the Ferdinand Brown School Support Association, where he serves as the second chairman of the board, as well as the National Professional Association Neues Forum Baumanagement. He has been active in the Fulda Carnival Society’s Elferrat since 2018 and has been a board secretary since this campaign. He was a member of the executive board of Wirtschaftsjunioren for nearly six years.

He is also fond of classic cars. When time permits, he loves to exercise. Hence skiing, hiking, climbing or biking on the assistant’s agenda. He enjoys cooking and grilling with his wife, children and friends. Traveling with his family is also very important to him.

Assistant Thomas Wolff

Thomas Wolfe was born foolishly on December 12, 1979 in Fulda. He grew up in Petersburg to be a huge boy. He is married to his wife Melanie since 2009 and they have a daughter together (Mia, 12). After graduating from the Konrad Adenauer School, he did his military service and then trained as an industrial clerk at Fahrzeugteile Büchel.

In 2007, he entered his father’s company Zebra Garden Furniture, where he has been the general manager since 2011 and a partner since 2022.

Professionally, he is a backpacker. In Indonesia, Bali and Vietnam in particular, he personally monitors the production of high-quality garden furniture in his own factory and has the well-being of his employees in mind, as he has learned in the past through his example. father.

In his youth he was an ardent handball player at DJK SSV Grossenlüder and today loves cycling with Prince Ralph through Rhön and enjoys holidays with greatness.

A family man, Thomas attaches great importance to spending time together and thus has been a constant companion of FKG Teenys since the beginning of his daughter’s dance career. This eventually developed his enthusiasm for the Fulder Foaset over the years.

His commitment and love for the Fulda Carnival Association culminated this year with his inclusion in the Elferrat. It is a special honor and pleasure for him to serve as an assistant to his old friend Ralph on this special expedition.

Princess Mary Harriet Papert

Prinzenmariechen Harriet was born in the main city of Frankfurt and then grew up with her two brothers in Petersburg. After graduating from high school in Fulda in 2013, she studied Elementary School Teaching (Mathematics, German, Sports and Catholic Religion) at the University of Kassel. With her first state exam in her pocket, her desire to discover the world began. I went to the German School in London for six months and to Singapore for three months to gain professional experience.

She then completed her legal training in Fulda before working for two years as a primary teacher at the German International School in Paris. The 27-year-old is currently attending the German School in Brooklyn until Christmas and loves to explore New York every day.

Prinzenmariechen has been active in Foaset since the 2012/2013 campaign. She danced with the FKG band Tansguard and Schuttans, is a member of Flores and coaches Tanzmartchen Maya Werner.

On a private level, happiness has also been found in the ranks of the Fulda Carnival Society. For many years she was with Vice President Jean C. In an early relationship. Together they share a great deal of joy at Fulder Foaset – our home festival.

In her spare time, Harriet enjoys spending time with her friends and family. During the holidays, she can’t wait to travel to learn about new places and their cultures. Since Prince’s invitation, the anticipation for Season 5, which is about to begin, has been huge. It is a great honor for her to be able to accompany Ralph as Prinzenmarchen. (note / pm) +++

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