Novavax, the most classic vaccine, will reach us at the end of February

Authorities hope the Novavax vaccine will convince some undecided people to get one. Without the messenger RNA, this vaccine is considered more classic. It uses, like the pertussis or hepatitis B vaccine, a recombinant protein.

According to the Walloon Health Minister, Kristi Moriale, the Novavax vaccine is supposed to be available by the end of February. But beware: not everyone will be able to enjoy it at first. It will already be “intended, first and foremost, for people who have developed a single reaction to one of the vaccines authorized in the first dose via allergy centers and in several qvax vaccination centers for willing citizens.”

People who don’t primarily practice disinfection, but were afraid to use the RNA vaccine, might ignore AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson because of their bad reputation. However, Novavax will not convince everyone. Arguments are already emerging against this “Bill Gates-funded” vaccine, with the Novavax laboratory receiving nearly $15 million from the Bill Gates Foundation to research a vaccine, the LCI reports.

Green light from CIM

“Since a limited number of people are affected, about 3,000, federal entities will be free to offer this vaccine to other groups, for example people who have already developed a phobia of authorized vaccines, on first-come-first-served. In total, 510,000 doses will be delivered to our country in February-March”, sets out CIM Santé. With this delivery, a maximum of 170,000 people could be vaccinated with this vaccine, and a booster dose would also be necessary.

The registration platforms BruVax and QVax could soon be used to direct citizens who wish to be vaccinated with the Nuvaxovid vaccine to a specific number of vaccination centers, CIM Santé adds.

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