No US visas for Russian journalists – Lavrov is furious

Moscow criticized the US decision to issue visas to Russian journalists to travel to the UN Security Council meeting. Before leaving for New York on Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke of Washington’s “cowardly” decision.

Lavrov indicated that Moscow will take harsh retaliatory measures. The United States has demonstrated the value of its commitments to protecting freedom of expression and access to information. The US State Department has not commented on these allegations.
In the midst of its military offensive in Ukraine, Russia assumed the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council in April, which was harshly criticized by Kiev. Lavrov will chair several sessions of the UN’s highest body at UN headquarters in New York.

According to ZDF correspondent Johannes Hanno, the fact that Russia holds the presidency as a permanent member has been met with “severe criticism”. A change of veto power is also required.

04/03/2023 | 03:19 min

According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the United States “did not issue visas” to journalists who wanted to accompany Lavrov on his trip to the United States, despite “numerous contacts in the past few days.” Ryabkov said this was a “blatant and totally unacceptable method”.

Russian intelligence raises allegations of espionage against a “Wall Street Journal” reporter. Russia has intensified its actions against Western media since the attack on Ukraine.

31.03.2023 | 02:13 min

The announcement came three weeks after the arrest of American journalist Ivan Gershkovitch in Russia. There is a dispute between Washington and Moscow over the arrest of the Wall Street Journal reporter, who was accused by Russia of espionage, which he categorically denies. If convicted, the 31-year-old faces up to 20 years in prison. The United States described the reporter as “unjustly imprisoned.”

Russia currently requires foreign journalists to renew their visas and accreditations every three months. Until the start of the attack on Ukraine, this was necessary only once a year.

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