No one can guess what the vet discovered next

Odessa (Ukraine) – They wanted to take a day off. But this was not given to the “Love Furry Friends” from Odessa when they drove to Ukraine They were on the way. Animal rights activist Olenna and her colleague suddenly saw an emaciated dog standing on the side of the road.

This sweet fur nose carried a sad secret with it. © YouTube / Screenshot / Love Furry Friends – The Rescue Channel

“Of course we couldn’t just drive,” the furry friends said in their final YouTube clip from Pentecost weekend. Instead, Ukrainian women were stopped for helping the animal.

Olenna slowly chased after her shy four-legged friend, who was a female. The emaciated dog met the Ukrainian with fear and resentment. But it wasn’t long before Olena was able to carry the fur nose to the car in her arms.

The women were not prepared to come to the rescue, nor did they bring dog food or water. At least they made it possible for their surprise guest to drink from a plastic cap.

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One day later, they headed to the vet with Stacy, now naming him after their new stepson. The doctor not only freed his patient from numerous ticks and fleas, but also made a discovery that no one expected.


The Love Furry Friends YouTube video shows the pooch’s poignant story

Olenna hugs Stacy. Today the bitch is doing better. © YouTube / Screenshot / Love Furry Friends – The Rescue Channel

It is revealed that the emaciated bitch is pregnant and is producing milk. Tragically, an ultrasound revealed that the puppies had died in the womb.

Stacy had to stay at the vet for three weeks. There she not only recovered from the sterilization performed by the specialist, but also gained some weight.

Finally, Love Furry’s friends managed to capture the two-year-old dog. Fortunately, the fur nose was able to make friends with a puppy on site who lost his mother.

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So Stacey was still able to fulfill her role as a mother, while her little stepson finally wasn’t on his own anymore. However, now she is ready for a new family.

Single Love Furry Friends with a Donation Support here They are currently looking for a new home for Stacy.


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