New Zealand Prime Minister: Ardern announces her resignation in February

Status: 01/19/2023 01:52 AM

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern surprisingly announced that she would be resigning in February. Not having enough strength for many years in office, she justified the move. A new government will be elected in October.

In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has surprisingly announced her resignation. In her first press conference this year, she said she would be leaving her post on February 7. Ardern gave the reason why she felt she was no longer strong enough for so many years in her office.

“I know what this job takes and I know I don’t have enough in the tank anymore. It’s that simple,” she said. “We all give what we can and then it’s over. For me, the time is now.”

Party leadership elections on Sunday

Her resignation shall take effect upon the appointment of a successor. A new Labor leader is due to be elected on Sunday.

When she was elected Prime Minister in 2017, Ardern became one of the youngest women to head a government at the age of 37. A new New Zealand government will be elected on October 14.


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